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Andrew Knight

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Gary Fannin

Gary Fannin

  • Web Builder with 15 years experience.
  • Excellent understanding of technical aspects of design as well as domains, hosting, SEO and email implementation.
  • Passionate about understanding your site’s requirements and user experience.
  • Yank.
Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson

  • Over 30 years of experience as an Art Director in Londons leading Ad Agencies.
  • Multiple award winner for Graphic design and Advertising Campaigns.
  • Keen understanding for communicating a product’s USP within a specific market.
  • Geordie.

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meet our baby elephant long’uro


He isn’t yellow, but we LOVE him!!

This is Long’ro, our adopted elephant in the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Northern Kenya.

Long’uro’s storyReteti Logo

On the 18th of April 2020, the Reteti air team was called in at night by Loisaba Rangers, informing them of a bleeding, abandoned calf that had fallen into a well in Loisaba Conservancy. He was in a desperate state. Cries of despair flooded the night, and on inspection, the team discovered that two thirds of his trunk had been lost to a hyena the previous night, whilst stuck in the well.

Teams from Kenya Wildlife Service and Reteti rushed in and were able to save the distressed calf from the most terrifying situation imaginable, and bring him to safety at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. He was only a month old at the time. They didn’t know what fate Long’uro faced. It was the most unique rescue they had ever encountered. But as the months ticked over, they watched him grow stronger and stronger.

Long’uro has made huge strides in progress with just a third of his trunk. He has learned to eat seed pods off the ground with his mouth, and more recently learnt to splash water on himself with his trunk, mimicking the rest of the herd. He is completely besotted with his favourite keeper, Mary, and gets a little bit jealous when she feeds other elephants in the herd! 

Long’uro is the most caring, gentle soul. He is easy to distinguish from the other elephants because of his short trunk and very fluffy body! He is much hairier than the other babies. He is independent by nature. His best elefriend at Reteti is Lomunyak – they arrived at Reteti a month apart and are almost the same age and are often seen playing together.

Long’uro’s Name

The names of the Reteti Elephants come from either the area that they were rescued from, or by a distinguishing feature or character trait. “Long’uro” is the Samburu word for something that has been cut.

Yellow Elephant Designs are proud to sponsor Long’uro and the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. A percentage of our profit goes to support their amazing work.